About the Company


Hey y'all! I'm Toya, the graphic designer for The Brand Visionary working from behind my computer screen WHEREVER that might be. 

I started freelancing back in 2014 just as a side hustle but I took a slight break from the design world to focus on myself and my mini family. I still had clients hittin' me up about services and I realized designing and helping entrepreneurs establish their brands was something that I had grew to love and enjoy so I rebirth my business. Designing isn't something that I just do, it is something I love. I have a passion for helping others succeed and I strive to go above and beyond. While freelancing, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies from different parts of the world, both big and small. After freelancing, I am now leaping into the real business world with my creative mind and I am ready to help more entrepreneurs like you! 

Besides helping entrepreneurs elevate their brands, I am a stay at home mom with my beautiful daughter, I love to binge watch TV shows and I enjoy traveling across the world with my husband and daughter. When I go, my computer goes. Hence that's why I said
"-working from my computer screen wherever that might be." Maybe I should say I'm a STAY ON THE GO MOM, haha. Even when I'm on vacation, I'm not really on vacation.

All in all, I love what I do, and hopefully you will too. Together, I hope to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. Let's collaborate!



The goal with The Brand Visionary is to provide you with affordable and professional branding, website development and print collateral services that provides the quality and creativity your business deserves. Having provided services since 2014, The Brand Visionary has gained experience in working with a wide variety of brands and is always open to taking on new projects.

Brand Consistency: The Brand Visionary will ensure that your branding is carried out through all brand collateral, social media and web designs. By being consistent with your branding you are guaranteed to turn heads and reach new audience. When I'm done with your brand you can really feel like your brand is the sh*t.
Wide Range of Solutions: Custom designs don't need to be complex. Whether you want something simple, luxe or complex I'm here for it all.
Completely Customized Solutions: At The Brand Visionary, I despise the mainstream look and everything is custom to fit your needs. My web designs are built from scratch and no templates are used. 
Fast Turnaround: Our time as business owners is precious and accountability is key. Plus, I know how exciting it is to launch and get your new baby ready for the world to see so I don't have you sitting around waiting and wondering when you're gonna get your designs. 
Elevate Your Brand: The goal with a business is always to grow...well, EVENTUALLY. Whether you are just starting or have a business already, The Brand Visionary will help give your brand a more professional look to elevate your brand and take your brand to new heights. Your brand will be turning heads and you will soon notice there is a whole new world of views and clients. Ooh, I can hear the coins dropping now, can you?